EQO Mobile brings Internet Communication to your Cell Phone

EQO (say ‘echo’) has just released a new version of their mobile internet phone platform called EQO Mobile.

EQO Mobile is a mobile phone service that lets you to make global calls, send international text messages and chat using all the major Instant Messaging networks from a compatible mobile handset.

Unlike the previous version of EQO, EQO Mobile is not tied to Skypeservice. In fact, if you signed up for the original EQO sometime during the past year, you should know that they’ll be discontinuing this service by July 31, 2007. Why? Well, because with the old EQO, you had to keep your computer turned on and running Skype in order to place calls.

By contrast, the new EQO Mobile is a standalone service that does not require Skype to complete international calls, messages or IM chats.

To get EQO Mobile on your cell phone, first sign up on www.eqo.com  and get a free EQO ID. Then select the phone you’ll be using (see a list of compatible handsets here). Once you are signed up, you’ll be sent a text message with a link to your mobile phone. Simply click on the link, and EQO installs itself.

Besides a compatible handset, EQO Mobile requires that you subscribe to a data plan package that provides you with unrestricted access to the internet.

EQO Mobile offers the following three services:

  • EQO Mobile Calling: EQO Mobile still uses the cell phone network to carry the actual voice conversation, but gets around expensive long distance and international charges by using the internet to set up and connect the calls. Calls to other EQO users are free. Calls to non EQO phones are subject to low rates. You don’t have to remember and access numbers, there is no computer required and no complicated “call-back” scenarios.
  • Text Messaging using MSN Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Jabber. You can access and use these IM accounts at no additional charge.
  • SMS: Send international text messages at substantially lower rates than with your mobile provider.