Have You Heard About JAJAH Yet?

Have you heard about JAJAH yet? If you haven’t chances are you will soon. JAJAH is a VOIP internet phone service that lets you make cheap phone calls using regular phones. Calls between JAJAH users are free and calls from JAJAH users to landlines or mobile phones anywhere in the world are subject to low rates.

As a JAJAH user, you make a call using a form on the Jajah.com web page or using one of many JAJAH plugins for Google, Outlook, Plaxo, Firefox and Mac OS/X. First your phone rings, and when you pick up, JAJAH connects you to the other party. JAJAH uses the internet to transmit the call long distance, and the local telephone network at both ends to connect the parties. Kind of like a sandwich: local telephone service is the bread, and the tuna fish is the Internet.

Today there are other companies providing similar services, but Jajah is one of the first, and with a new agreement with Intel just inked (May 2007), JAJAH Mobile integration with cell phones, conference calling, and customizable web site buttons, JAJAH is set up to be everywhere…soon.

Try JAJAH without Registering

You can try JAJAH for free without registering and make a 5-minute call anywhere.

Go to www.jajah.com. Enter your location and phone number and your friend’s location and phone number, and then click CALL. When your phone rings, pick up and wait while JAJAH connects you. You’ll hear an operator tell you what’s happening.

Here are some screen shots to put it all together for you:

Making a call

Once you register for free, you can make JAJAH calls. You have to buy some credit first, even if you are making free calls to other JAJAH users.

Free calls are subject to the following  policy:

“Calls are free when both call participants are registered as JAJAH users and the call was initiated on JAJAH Web (www.jajah.com). When calling a number not registered with JAJAH and in countries where free phone calls are not available, calls are subject to JAJAH’s regular low rates. The low JAJAH rates also apply when the call was initiated on JAJAH Mobile Web (mobile.jajah.com) or the JAJAH Mobile Suite/Plugin.”

Setting up a Conference Call

Setting up a conference call using JAJAH is straightforward.